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Denise & Ron


The creation of Italian Architectural Salvage is the result of a very long journey.  You might say that it is a journey that has taken well over 100 years, and began in 1904.  This is interesting as the Mission of our company is to "Connect the dots between Centuries old European Craftsmanship and Today's Lifestyles".  Many of the items available at Italian Architectural Salvage span the this same timeframe.  These items are available to you and bring either a provinical sense of Italian history or the rustic feel of the Italian countryside ... but let's get back to the journey.

Simply with the matrimonial certificate of my great grandparents, dated May 24th, 1904, and a pending trip to Central Italy,  I was determined to find out if my relatives still existed in Italy.  Despite the fact that my great grandparents passed away within only a number of years after arriving in America and resulting in my Grandfather having to be raised in an orphanage, and knowing nothing of his family in Italy, I just had a "feeling".  With the assistance of Facebook I was able to not only find my relatives, but have learned the full story of my family's history. 


My Great Grandfather Amedeo had a brother, Nazzareno, who remained in Italy.  And as our family grew in the America, the family was also growing in Italy.  The Caioni's (changed to Caione in classic Godfather style when my grandfather was in the orphanage) are from Appignano del Tronto in the Marche region of Italy, just north of Abruzzo and just east of Umbria and Tuscany.  To my surpirse, after a number of communications and finally visiting the Commune of Appignano del Tronto, in the simplest of ways we were led on a short walk to the home of my relatives to meet for the first time the "full of life" patriarch Libero Caioni, his wife Giovanna, and my four comtemporary cousins Marilena, Leonora, Nazzareno and Matteo.  We have had many years enjoying time together, both in Italy and in the US. 

Spending time in Italy led me to my next big (crazy) idea:  Italy is a country of great beauty, not only from a landscape and architectural standpoint, but because the people are alive, social and generous.  Combine this with the food, the wine, and the simplicity of a life which is steeped in culture and tradition, and as my husband says "it's the best".  Speaking of my husband and my big idea, I am reminded of the telephone call home from Italy, in February of 2014, when I told him "I found our house"!!  ... and as they say, the rest is history.  We managed to purchase our home in February of 2015 in the town of Offida, just about 7 km from Appignano del Tronto.

Comng Full Circle:  It is always interesting when you look back at your life.  You can tie together why you are who you are and this is why I beleive so strongly in what we are doing.  I believe this is what we were meant to do.  I have spent most of my professional career as an Interior Designer and Decorator, interestingly enough my Father (Amedeo) and brother (Amedeo Jr.) have been in the automotive salvage business in South Philadelphia for over 50 years.  My husband, who has a background in Finance, Accounting and Operations and currently works in the Wine Import and Distribution business, will tell you his dream job was to be an Architect.  Making the most of his spare time he has become very capable in the areas of construction, woodworking, and furniture building.  Giving new life to old things is our passion and our fate, and as we have tried to teach our five children "doing something you love is like never having to go to work". 

We hope we get to meet you someday and hear your story as well, and as a result add some romance, beauty and life to your home or business that is unique and meaningful. 


Denise (Caione) Gallo